How to Determine Property Division in a Divorce

“It’s just stuff,” you might say – but “stuff” is important.  And it is important in the context of domestic litigation. Dividing property during a divorce can be a difficult task, especially when both spouses share significant assets. A house, retirement plans, businesses, rental property and brokerage accounts may take time to build together; separating […]

Sharing Household Chores Leads to Divorce, Study Says

Cleaning the Toilet

While “desertion” may indeed be one of four “fault” grounds for divorce recognized by the Family Court here in the Palmetto State, “desertion of household chores” is not. Nevertheless, a new study conducted in Norway entitled “Equality in the Home” has apparently found a correlation between the rate of divorce and the extent to which […]

Build Memories With Those Kids!


In a blog post published last week, Two Can Be Better Than One, I wrote briefly about my own childhood as a byproduct of marital litigation, and in the process I touched upon how I have fond memories of my childhood in both my mother’s house and father’s house. A September 18, 2012 piece by […]

Two Can Be Better Than One

Two Houses

My parents split up when I was about six years old. While bearing witness to marital discord and subsequently being mired in the middle of a separation and divorce is certainly not the recommended path for any child, I can say without equivocation that I am the husband that I am, the father that I […]

NFL Star Arrest Raises Awareness for Domestic Violence

Chad Johnson

Another month, another NFL standout has become involved in a domestic violence incident. Back in April, former Dallas Cowboys Pro Bowl DB Deion Sanders was allegedly attacked by his estranged wife right in front of his children.  On Sunday, August 12, 2012, former Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson–formerly known as “Chad Ochocinco”–was released from prison […]

Yes, Lottery Proceeds Can Be Marital Property. (Sorry.)

Lottery Balls

While some wives might be fond of saying that they “won the lottery” when they married their husbands, the really lucky ones have husbands who win the lottery and surprise them with the proceeds. That’s what’s happening in nearby Cross, South Carolina where, according to Live 5 News, a local man won $500,000 on the […]

In Domestic Litigation, Relationships Are Critical


As peculiar as it might appear in the context of a website all about divorces, custody battles and various other aspects of domestic litigation often viewed as more divisive than unifying, and as obvious as it might seem to those of us who try day in and day out to conduct ourselves appropriately and even […]

79% Who Separate End Up Divorcing

Broken Engagement Ring

According to new estimates cited by USA Today in early May, roughly 79 percent of married couples who separate end up getting divorced in the long run.  From the USA Today piece: The analysis was based on data from 7,272 individuals who were ages 14-22 in 1979 and had ever married. Of those, 51% were […]

Scientology or Not, Religion Matters in Custody Cases

Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise

Every once in a while, a celebrity divorce will catch my eye.  Generally, I could care less about the quickie marriages and divorces of train-wreck publicity hounds like Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears, but occasionally a celebrity divorce can provide more substance than sensationalism. The divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, now apparently settled […]