Military Divorces & Family Law Issues

You have made sacrifice after sacrifice for all of us. Now, as you face divorce, separation, child custody or other related issues, please let us serve you.

From Attorney Jeff Schreiber:

I never served in the military. In retrospect, I wish that I had been selfless enough to make that commitment to our nation. You, however, have that commitment and selflessness in spades.

Regardless of whether you saw combat in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere overseas, or whether you did not see combat at all, I am not–and nor will I ever be–in the position in which I will understand what you went through because of your commitment to our country. As a divorce lawyer, however, I can–and do–have a better understanding of what you are going through here at home … at least insofar as your domestic issues are concerned.

Through that selflessness and commitment to our country, you served and protected each and every one of us. As circumstances change for you at home, please allow me the honor to do my best to serve and protect you. In the meantime, keep your head down and your chin up!

We know that you have questions. Everybody does. That’s what we are here for — to help you get answers. We are available to talk any time, and we always do our best to stop everything and attend to our nation’s servicemembers. We even support videoconferencing services via Skype so that we may better serve clients who are overseas or haze gray and under way.

On a day-to-day basis, even above and beyond the sacrifices made by all, a military marriage is very, very different in many ways when compared with a civilian marriage. However, military couples seeking divorce are subject to the very same requirements as civilian couples in that similar situation. While the process is very much the same regardless of whether the couple is civilian or military, there are a few extra factors which must be addressed in cases involving military members, including but not limited to procedural modifications made necessary because of active duty service or other permanent station overseas.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Those brave men and women on active duty overseas and have been served divorce papers by their spouse here at home are provided protections that are not otherwise available to civilians. Formerly known as the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act and originally signed in 1918 to protect soldiers and sailors fighting in World War I, the law was re-written under former President George W. Bush in 2003 and is now called the “Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.”

The SCRA provides those who serve our nation with protection in connection with residential leases, automobile leases, installment contracts, and court proceedings — such as those proceedings incidental to divorce.

The SCRA, however, does not allow a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine to simply ignore legal proceedings here at home, and has very specific rules about how to utilize the stay of proceedings. Here at Lowcountry Divorce & Family Law, we have experience with military family issues, and have helped many servicemembers through difficult times. You have enough to worry about — we can help make sure that the Court is aware of your situation, and move to delay or address proceedings depending upon what course of action serves your best interests in the best way.

Call us today for an initial consultation. It would be our absolute honor to help you in any way we possibly can. Thank you for your service