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There is no way to guarantee that we make everyone happy. People have different needs and different expectations, and come into their own cases in the Family Court from different spots in different lives. And, as you know, testimonials on the Web contain only the high points. Thankfully, we have plenty of those. Please submit your review at one of the following:

Jeff was upfront and honest from the start about what I could really expect, not just from the judge and the court but also from him as well. That honesty could be frustrating at times but I would rather have that over someone just telling me what I want to hear.


It’s almost like he knew what I wanted better than I knew what I wanted, and life after my divorce and dealing with my ex-husband has been that much easier because Jeff knew all of that.


Jeff expertly guided be through the Separation and Divorce Process. He told me what to expect along the way, and everything went smoothly and as he predicted. He also through a little counseling in too. I would highly recommend Jeff and his staff.


Amazing!!!! If you are experiencing custody troubles, Jeff is the man to see. He is honest with his perception of your case and very knowledgeable. Everyone there has been kind and compassionate. His business is small which means you don’t have to go through 30 people to get to him, he is always the one handling your case, and he is VERY thorough. Above all things, I was most impressed with his desire to do what was in the best interest of the children instead of “winning” to better his career.


Jeff and the staff at Lowcountry Divorce and Family Law handled my divorce expeditiously, and kept me informed every step of the way. During the most trying time of my life, they helped get me back on track by protecting my best interests and the best interests of my children. They truly exceeded my expectations.



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