Father’s Rights, Paternity Issues & DNA Testing

fathers rights lawyer, fathers rights attorney, charleston, summerville, scAs a Dad, you have rights. And while they often come with obligations, and while parenthood isn’t always baseball games and fishing trips, we can help you assert those rights.

Whether you have remarried, have remained single after divorce, or whether you were never married at all, the questions and societal pressures nonetheless abound in our still largely gender-stereotyping society: What kind of chance do those kids have? Those children need a mother. 

The reality is that your children have every possible chance with you that they would have with their mother, and perhaps more so. And while society as a whole may be taking a while to come around, South Carolina law for once has not.

In 1995, the State of South Carolina abolished the “Tender Years Doctrine,” which traditionally created a presumption that, absent specific circumstances, smaller children should be placed with their mother. That presumption is gone. In fact, recent case law from 2010 reinforced the abolition of the “Tender Years Doctrine,” stating that parents in South Carolina stand on equal footing at the commencement of custody proceedings.

So, is it possible for a father like you to be awarded custody of your child or children? Absolutely, without question, and we are happy to talk about it some more in the office. On numerous occasions, we have successfully obtained sole or joint custody for fathers who previously had felt all but completely cut out of the parenting process. While past successes cannot be indicative of future results, we would love to speak with you about your case.

The paramount consideration in all child custody controversies is the best interests of the child or children involved, and with the abolition of the “Tender Years Doctrine” the Court has recognized the invaluable contribution of fathers to the health, welfare and well-being of their children.

Like you, Attorney Jeff Schreiber is a dad. He completely understands your need to be with your child, and he and the rest of the people here at Lowcountry Divorce & Family Law are here to help. Peace of mind is only a phone call away.